Gayo Tobacco , Exotic Indonesian Green tobacco

It was a surprise today when my brother and I visited our Uncle, our uncle and I was shocked to death when my brother offered Gayo tobacco.

He is rather eccentric, unlike other young people; he likes antic things, such as antic Vespa motorbikes, cigarette pipe, non-instant coffee, and tobacco.

He came and offered to me to try Gayo Green Tobacco, this tobacco same like other tobacco but it’s only green, and he began to wrap and smoking the tobacco, but … suddenly … I was surprised by the curiosity, how come this … .. the smell is Very similar with marijuana, I screamed … this is illegal, stop it.
My brother laughed and he gave an explanation; this is Gayo green tobacco, based in Aceh west Indonesia, indeed the smell is like marijuana but not marijuana. This Tobacco is sold freely on the Internet and shops.
Green Gayo tobacco is referred to the Gayo society as “Bakong Gayo”, which is the preferred local tobacco from Aceh. Bakong Gayo is aromatic tobacco, and the tobacco which is unique in its aroma and taste.

I tried to find about this product and when I searched on some Indonesian tobacconist it was indeed there, well for me this is a unique thing.
Actually Indonesia is the largest tobacco producing country in Southeast Asia, as evidenced by the Dutch, Japanese and Portuguese colonies; they were attracted to Indonesia because of Tobacco and Tea which the farm was wide spread. 
Based on lokadata.ititagar .id In 2017, the tobacco planting area in Indonesia was 206 thousand hectares. This area has not changed much since 1975. Indonesia has the highest tobacco planting area in 1985, 288 hectares. 
And for good quality tobacco produced from the following regions Temanggung, Deli, Lombok, Jember, and Madura. For those who like to smoke tobacco and are curious about it, you guys can get to to look for this”, but do not forget “ Casual Smoking is alright, but Excessive smoking is not good for your health” ^-^v

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