Djarum Black with All Its Variants

Do you like smoking? There are a lot of cigarette products that you can buy or choose. Each cigarette has different taste and each smoker has their own taste when dealing with choosing a cigarette. For most of the smokers in Indonesia, they must be quite familiar with cigarette products from popular Brand PT.Djarum Tbk. This company produces a lot of cigarette products with some variants.

One of the cigarette variants that is manufactured by PT.Djarum TBK is Djarum Black. According to its name “Djarum Black”, when this was firstly launched, it had a black pack with black cigarettes that looked so manly. From this description, most of the smokers notice that Djarum Black is really black as the given name.

In fact, Djarum Black actually has some variants and each variant has its own taste. Some of the Djarum Black variants are Djarum Black (the Original One), Djarum Black Slimz, Djarum Black Menthol, Djarum Black Tea, Djarum Black Cappucino, and Djarum Black Mild. Some Djarum Black smokers have their own taste. Some of the people may prefer menthol which is quite different from the original Djarum Black.

What about the taste of Djarum Black from all variants? As it is mentioned, each variant has a different taste from one another. The company makes these variants so that the smokers can choose a cigarette according to their wishes. The original Djarum Black has a strong taste with original aroma and has a sweet taste.


Meanwhile, Djarum Black Menthol has a special mint taste. If you choose this type of Djarum Black, then you will taste cold in the mouth. The smoke tastes like an ice and it is really different from the original one. Meanwhile, the Djarum Black Slimz is just similar to the original one but the pack is smaller with 12 pieces of cigarettes.

The next choice is Djarum Black Capuccino. As its name give, this Djarum Black variant has a special tea taste. This is really good for those who want to have different taste as if you are drinking a cup of Barista made capuccino. The Coffee taste is really strong and makes you comfortable. It is also so fragrant with special coffee aroma. Djarum Black Cappuccino that has cappuccino taste in which this is really good for those who do not live coffee but they want to taste coffee in a different way. The cappuccino taste is also quite strong with a bit bitter taste.

The last variant is Djarum Black Mild. This Djarum Black is not Black. Even though it is called as Djarum Black, but the pack has a white color with white cigarettes in it. This variant is one of the most favorite variants for all teenagers because the taste is not too strong and it is really mild. All of those variants have the same pack size with 12 pieces of cigarettes, except the Djarum Black Slimz which has a smaller pack with a half of cigarettes in it. So, which one do you prefer?

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