Djarum 76 and Its Wonderful Taste

Most of the men choose smoking when they want to enjoy their lives. Smoking makes their mind fresh, especially when they are too tired and stressful to face their life reality. By smoking, at least they can calm their mind down for a moment to take every sip of their aromatic cigarette. Talking about smoking, what kind of cigarette do you prefer?

There are a lot of cigarette products in Indonesia. One of the most well-known brands is Djarum. PT.Djarum Tbk is the official name of this brand. PT. Djarum Tbk manufactures so many variants of cigarettes that every man can choose. Each variant has its own taste. One of the most favorite cigarettes from Djarum is the Djarum 76.

Perhaps, you are also familiar with Djarum Black, but Djarum 76 seems different from the Djarum Black. This Djarum 76 has a yellow-brown pack color with a huge number of 76 on it. The size of the pack is just similar to other Djarum products for 12 pieces of cigarettes. Each sip has its meaning and it really makes the smokers enjoyable. All of the cigarettes must contain nicotine, as it is also found in Djarum 76 and other Djarum products. The nicotine level of Djarum 76 is approximately 24mg and 38 Mg Tar. It makes Djarum 76 become the stronger cigarette in its class if we compared to Djarum Black Mild.

Now, you can take one of the cigarettes from the pack. The length of this cigarette is just similar to other cigarette products. On the burn area, there is a line and a word Djarum that heads to the vertical direction and the border part, there is a logo of 76 with an orange accent. Then, you can start to taste this cigarette.

How does it taste anyway? This cigarette taste is dominant with a spicy taste and the balanced fruit taste. It has a strong spicy characteristic in the case of adding high-quality ingredients typically from Indonesia. It also has a fruity character that resembles bubble gum aroma with a strong fruit taste. In this case, it may be some combinations of jackfruit, pineapple, Salak, and a little berry that can give a fermented effect which is so typical.

It does not taste that sweet, but it is enough as the Djarum adds some liquorice in it in order to avoid irritation and create an exotic taste. The sensation of fermented sweet is really strong because this cigarette also contains some fruit taste. It also has an earthly sensation that is really incredible because it is made from the highest quality tobacco. It really creates a characteristic taste from the main ingredients. When you pull the cigarette, it has a smooth harshness and has a good throat hit that will not make you feel too tight. Overall, this cigarette has a solid ingredient especially on the tipping part so you can get a long duration of burning. Well, do you want to try Djarum 76?

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